Spring 2017 Instructors: Masha Andreyeva, Serena Chang, Jess Liu, Sonali Verma, Kathleen Hsu, Me

Fall 2016 Instructors: Masha Andreyeva, Serena Chang, Me

Spring 2016 Instructors: Shanthi Shanmugam, Serena Chang, Veer Doshi, Me

To share my evangelism for human-centered design and its application to everyday life, I’ve taught Design Innovation 98, a completely student-run class called Introduction to Human-Centered Design with two other student instructors for three semesters. The 12 week, 2-hour session per week crash course on HCD is entirely run by students, and in my final semester teaching we’re teaching 112 fellow UC Berkeley undergrads.

The instructors and I constantly iterate on the curriculum to focus more on interdisciplinary group project work and parallel the HCD process, beginning with needfinding and ending with an iterated final prototype. In order to teach everything from Sketch, Illustrator, laser cutting, and 3D printing skills to IDEO’s HCD theory to the best of my ability, I’ve constantly challenged and grown my own understanding of design skills and theory and learned how to communicate effectively in front of large audiences.