Team: Leon Zhang (just me)

Duration: 1 week

During my first week as a Product Design Intern at Pandora over Summer 2016, I was tasked with auditing the entire mobile app to gain familiarity with the product and company-specific jargon, provide my opinions on the user interface, user experience, and interaction designs, and present to my manager at the end-of-the-week.

I ended up creating an 82 slide PowerPoint presentation, shared completely below. After auditing the app, I was tasked to work on Now Playing for Pandora Premium web and mobile, but unfortunately I can’t share my work there due to NDAs.


What I Learned:

Attention to Detail: Everything on the screen was likely thought about at some point, so ask why

Think Big Picture: It’s important to be thorough, but it’s also important to take a step back with user flow diagrams and examine the overall experience

Always Consider the User: Even I have biases, and it’s good to try to be objective

Improvements and Next Steps:

Length: My presentation went for 2-3 hours, so I could have been more concise

Tl;DR: To help be more concise, perhaps I should have focused on a few important points

Cross-platform: At the time I was only familiar with iOS conventions, so looking at Android would’ve been good

Click to view the 82 slide Audit presentation

Some Selected Slides