Featured Work

Pandora Roku Redesign

Project: Redesigning Settings and Login & Registration UX flows and screens

Role: Product Design Intern

With the company-wide rebrand and acquisition of Rdio designers, all of the product designers at Pandora were busy pushing out the new Pandora Premium on-demand service and refreshing existing web, mobile, and consumer electronic (TV, car, video game consoles, etc.) designs. This included refreshing the Pandora app on Roku.

Asthma Prevention Personal Assistant Interface

Project: Spiritus

Role: UI/UX Designer

Asthmatics constantly live in fear of their next attack and limit their daily routines. Monitoring lung health is currently inaccessible and expensive. Spiritus offers asthmatics the power to control their asthma with an affordable, integrated portable spirometer hardware interface and a mobile app software interface.

Grocery Shopping Search and Scan App

Project: TouchCart (Product Management)

Role: UI/UX Designer

Americans spend on average 40 minutes in a grocery store. When finding groceries to waiting in line for checkout, you can save time with TouchCart, a mobile app that helps you find groceries with a search and map function and save time waiting in line with a scanning feature to pre-scan your groceries before you checkout.